Sunday, June 25, 2006

Farmers Market

Watch the video
We went to the Farmers Market yesterday and I made a brief video. There may be a couple of interesting surprises in here for people who read "Funny the World" on a regular basis.

Hey! I just discovered this is the first anniversary of this video blog (Well, it's the anniversary of the first video I posted to OurMedia)! Happy vlogversary to me!

Next week is going to be RERUN WEEK. Susan of suggested that vloggers, like television networks, have a rerun week and post "oldies but goodies," so next for the next 7 days videos will all be the best of the past year in Funny the Vlog. I picked, for the most part, early videos, so people who have only started watching these may have missed them the first time around.


MMMMMike said...

Hey bev, congratulations.
I'm new to all this and can hardly wait to see your reruns. I'll be releasing old stuff I did before vlogging and some stuff the kids have done.
Thanks for the trip to the market.

Desertnut said...

The next time I go out to San Francisco, I'll have to stop by at the Farmer's Market. Nice video.

Bev Sykes said...

"stopping by" means driving 80 miles, to have you!

tiff said...

"The psychiatrist"! And Queenie!

Congratulations on a year of vlogging. I read you religiously, and enjoy my time with you tremendously.

Sorry about Elsie, BTW.