Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Day in the Life

Watch the video

June 21 was FLICKR's "Day in the Life," where people around the world take photos to show how they spent their day.  It just so happened to be one of my most boring days.  But I made a video out of it anyway.  The bummer of the thing is that after I got it all made, I realized that the sound track screwed up and instead of having all the photos displayed for the same amount of time, they slow down and speed up.

This definitely was not my day (as exemplified by the fact that the logo for the day, I decided, was a box of baby butt wipes that I took a photo of while sitting on the toilet.  Well, at least the video is short!

Hope you had a more exciting and photogenic day. 


Desertnut said...

LOL! Very funny! Loved the video & music!

MMMMMike said...

Very nice Bev. It might have been short, but it was entertaining none the less.

missbhavens said...

too funny...I think my Jun 21 was spent similarly to yours!