Thursday, June 29, 2006

Elmer Fades

Watch the video
I don't know what's going on with our puppy, but he's not looking good, after a week of really being in pretty good shape. Sick camera...lots of time on my hands.... What else, but make a video, even if it was about something worrisome.


Desertnut said...

I hope Elmer makes it and gets back to normal soon. Bev, you're doing a great job helping this poor little puppy. One thing for sure, Elmer is in the best of hands.

Randolfe Wicker said...

Elmer is lucky to have you! It is a terrible feeling to sit by and watch a little puppy get sick and/or die. This reminded me of the time I waited too long to snip the tails on a litter of puppies. I didn't know any better and one of them died as a result.

I was holding my breath all during this video. I'm afraid of watching the follow-up. I've know Pit Bulls with very gentle personalities. Nurturing can help tame even a genetic disposition toward violence.

Good luck! Yo0u will be on my mind until I find how things turn out.

Anonymous said...

I happened upon this video a little to late but I really hope you took this puppy to veterinarian instead of just watching him die and video taping it. I am a veterinary technician and if this happens again I seriously hope you take the dog to a veterinarian!!

Bev Sykes said...

Anonymous -- I was in touch with the SPCA and the veterinarian from the start. It was agreed that there really was nothing that could be done for him, other than what I was doing--he was too young and too sick.