Monday, June 19, 2006

The Wedding

Watch the video

June 20, 1992 was the date of Ned and Marta's wedding. As with everything else, we can't have a "traditional" wedding. This is part 1 of 3. Part 2 & 3 will be Paul's toast, which was too long for one video.

I don't make note of it in the video, but I baked and decorated the wedding cake.


milly said...

Oh, Bev -- this brought tears to my eyes; I've enjoyed the highjinx of your children before but this one made me so envious. The wedding seemed just perfect -- and I wanted to be part of a family that could have such fun at a ceremony that in my family would only be fraught with tension. The video made the wedding seem just perfect --from the matching sneakers to the fabulous serenade. I must admit the bride seemed a bit frazzled at the end - but the guys were having a ball. I only wish I could download more speedily -- and then I could have the time to watch every one of your videos. I'm glad I took the time for this one. Thank you for sharing.

missbhavens said...

I love it when I can sit in front of my computer and have pure joy leap out of the screen right into my lap while I enjoy my morning coffee.

That was sooooo special! What a blast! The guys sounded great--loved the tennis shoes, the cake looked lovely and Ned & Marta looked all glowy and happy. I'm going to have to catch Paul's speech when I get home form work!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of this wedding bonanza!