Friday, May 27, 2005

Chairs 'n' stuff

Fortunately, I don't think my mother realizes she can click on the link and get to this blog, so I can safely make a confession here. I LOVE my new recliner. It is like sinking into a cloud when I sit there at night watching television. But, that said, it's not as comfortable to sleep in as my old, seat-sprung, puppy formula soaked recliner.

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. First, I moved back down to the recliner when the bed I'd been sleeping in for awhile began to be uncomfortable again, waking me with stabbing back pains. For a time, it was just great in the new recliner, but in the past week I've been having a terrible time getting to sleep and, for ME to have a hard time getting to sleep it has to be pretty bad. I can fall asleep anywhere, or used to be able to.

The other night I finally decided to get out of the cloud-like beautiful new recliner and get into the old broken down one again, and I slept like a baby. I've continued to sleep there, without a problem.

Now I have two reasons to keep the old recliner--first, because I'm definitely not going to bottle feed puppies in the NEW recliner and since the old one is already soaked with formula, I might as well keep it for that purpose, and second, it's a better place for me to sleep. There is also the third reason that it puts three chairs in the family room for those rare times when we have someone stop by. I'm certainly not going to offer them the formula-soaked chair, but now I have a place to sit while they can sit very comfortably in the new "cloud."

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