Monday, May 30, 2005


At 8:26 this morning, I finished the very last dictation for the psychiatrist, who is out of town until tonight. This means he is not seeing patients today and if he sees patients tomorrow, I probably won't get the tape until Thursday. THAT means probably THREE days with no transcription.

You have no idea what a fantastic feeling this is. I had let transcription get behind and I have not had less the 8 tapes waiting to be transcribed for months. Just as soon as I finish one, he brings me two more. I have felt so buried in work that it paralyzed me and made it impossible to finish. Weird, I know, but there was just so much of it I couldn't face starting it. (Kind of like clearing out the living room.)

But it is DONE. It's all DONE for for one brief shining moment, I can hold my head up without feeling buried in microcasette tapes or overwhelmed with guilt for not getting them done in a timely manner.

Life is good this morning.

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