Monday, May 16, 2005

Live For Today

Anybody who watches The Today Show knows that this month they are having a segment of what they call "Live for Today." They asked people to let them know what their dream is--what they would love to do before they die. Each day they follow one viewer as s/he fulfills his/her dream. There was a woman who rode in a hot air balloon with her son, a 70-something guy who made a parachute jump, a family who had dinner cooked for them by a famous chef, etc., etc.

Today's "Live for Today" segment involved a mother of 6 who felt the romance had gone out of her life because of all the busy work involved with the kids. Her dream was to ride a gondola in Venice with her husband and hope to recapture the magic.

So there they were. Living their dream. Cuddled together in a gondola on the canals of Venice. With Ann Curry interviewing them and a camera crew filming them for millions of viewers back home! Now there's a way to restore romance to your relationship!

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