Monday, May 16, 2005


We're in the middle of "finale season" on the TV airwaves these days. Each big show is scheduling their big season finale (or, as in the case of Everybody Loves Raymond, the show finale).

Last night was the finale of Season 2 of The L Word, the Showtime drama. A mediocre ending, as season finales go, but there were some really ridiculous things. Mainly, the character Tina (played by Laurel Holloman) is giving birth and her partner, Bette (played by Jennifer Beals) is with her for the birth. Tina was set for a home birth and ends up being rushed to a hospital for a cesarean. It is my understanding that Laurel Holloman is actually pregnant, which would explain how completely believable her pregnancy has been all season (either that or the special effects person for the show deserves an Emmy for the depiction of a pregnant body!) It also probably explains why we see the very pregnant, naked Tina in a birthing tub and then her being rushed off to the hospital--and only being seen from the neck up for the rest of the show. It would also explain why there was no lovely "mom and baby" shot at the end of the show, but instead Bette explaining that Tina was "still in the recovery room," while she (Bette) had the baby to hand around to all their friends, kind of a lovely "welcome to the circle of women" moment for the new baby.

But the most ridiculous part of it was seeing Bette in the delivery room. She is wearing the green hospital garb, but the hat just covers the very top of her head, while Jennifer Beals' lovely brunette long hair is left to flow freely. Uh....what is the purpose of the hat anyway? Decorative? Isn't the purpose to cover the hair?

Ahh...I do love the suspension of disbelief sometimes!

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