Thursday, May 19, 2005

Neilsen Family

I've always wondered what it took to be a Neilsen family. Apparently all it takes is being by the telephone when they call to ask if you'd be willling to record your television watching for a week. So this morning we start being a Nielsen family, at least for a week. It should be an interesting one for them to read since my office TV, which is on keeping me company all day, is in the room next to the family room TV, which is also on keeping me company all day, so 99% of the time the program on one TV is the same as the program on the other as I walk back and forth from office to family room.

Walt will have an easier job because (a) his TV is upstairs and (b) he rarely watches it!

It also kind of complicates things, having a DVR and how you record that, but I'm assuming I'll get into the swing of things very quickly!

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Diane Schultz said...

How funny! I got called just today from the Nielsens! We're going to be a Nielsen family sometime in early July. It'll be interesting for us, too. We've got four working TVs, three people, one DVR, enough VCRs for a store, and I have one TV on pretty much constantly.

I was a member of a Nielsen family when I was a teenager, back in the early 70s. I suspect it's very, very different now!