Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Caw of the Wild

This isn't the world's greatest video. I'm learning that this camcorder doesn't do well at low light. I also tried to take it first with the digital camera, and just got a blank screen -- that camera really doesn't do well in low light.

But it's pretty spectacular in the mornings around here. The crows have discovered our block and hundreds--probably thousands--of them sleep in the trees in this neighborhood. When they wake up in the morning, the noise can be deafening. I've likened it to all of them getting ready to go off to work, since that's really what they're doing. Waking up, doing whatever ablutions birds do in the morning and then flying off to the fields for the day, returning at dusk to settle into the trees again for the night.

Unfortunately, I missed the height of "rush hour" in the skies overhead, but did get a taste of the sight (and especially the sound of it!). The end is the best part.

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