Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Change of Pace

It's not that I was that enamored with Arthur's 85th birthday party, but it gave me a good opportunity to try out a new piece of software, PhotoStory, which I downloaded today. It is quite easy to learn (at least for this brief slide show).

But the reason you should watch this show is not for the show itself, but for the music. When I was a kid, some 50+ years ago, my father purchased an old 78 rpm record (well, at the time it was a new 78 rpm record) of The Sportsmen, a quartet that did the opening number and commercials for The Jack Benny Show. This record had four songs on it, one of which was their version of Happy Birthday. It kept us in stitches for years and Ned eventually converted it to an mp3 file so I am now able to share it with the rest of the world. Give it a listen.

1 comment:

Glen said...

Music adds a nice touch to a slide show, doesn't it? You have so many Internet places to look at, you are seriously interfering with things I am trying to do. ha ha