Monday, October 17, 2005

Customer "Support"

Never have a non iPod related question when a new product has just come out because the phone lines are flooded with iPod calls.

Suddenly my QuickTime (for which I have paid to upgrade to Pro) gives me a message that says "Your copy of QuickTime Player 7.0.2b20 will expire in 14 days. Please visit [web site] to download and install a new version of QuickTime."

Huh? Haven't I paid for this version?

So I call customer support and, like a good girl, wander aimlessly through voice mail hell until, miracle of miracles, I actually find a real live person trained to help me with my problem. Only she's never heard of this message before, nor has anybody she can find to ask. So she gives me a "special number" that will get me the help I need.

Once again I am offered options: If you know the number of the person you want, if you have an existing order, or if you want to purchase a Mac. Well, none of these options work, so I press "O" and am told that is an improper number. So I decide to go with having an existing order. Then I wade through THOSE options and finally come to "if you are calling about QuickTime." Bingo! I've found it. I'm home, Baby. I press the number and get the recording:

"We are pleased to offer help for QuickTime on our web site [URL]. Click."

I have made the complete circle from checking the web site for help to calling for support to being sent back from where I started.

And my version of QuickTime will still expire in 14 days.

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Etchen said...

Don't you just love automated help lines?! Arrrgghhh...good luck to you!