Friday, October 14, 2005

Video Blogging Is Healthy

Who says video blogging is not good for you.

I got this great idea today as I was sitting at a coffee shop called Ciocolat eating a lemon bar and meeting with the head of the Theatre and Drama Department at UC Davis.

It occurred to me that the camcorder could actually get me out of the house and moving a bit. So I decided to take a couple of days a week to just take a walk somewhere around town and see what there is to videotape. This is the first walk and we'll see how long I'll keep up this idea!

A word of explanation--this starts with a couple of printed titles that I made with me doing a voiceover (which kind of tickled me that I figured out how to do that). The reason is that I originally filmed myself and when I played back the video, I had chosen the absolute worst possible angle and it was abominable--but, of course, too late to reshoot. So I just took the audio track from those two clips and used them with a graphic. I have to get this "videotaping myself" down a bit better!

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