Saturday, October 22, 2005

What Disability?

Haley came for a visit yesterday. Haley is the blind puppy (10 weeks old) that Ashley was going to have us take so that Sheila could "teacher her how to be a dog."

Instead, there is a ranch for disabled dogs which is going to take her, but before she flew to Montana, Ashley brought her over so I could see her.

What a cutie! Except that she walks with her front paws held at an unusual angle (to check for things in front of her), it's hard to believe that she's really blind.

She got along so well with the big dogs and once again, I was impressed with how Sheila seems to know intuitively who she can roughhouse with and who she can't. She was very gentle with this little puppy and I loved watching the two of them together.

This video is probably a bit longer than it should be, but I had already cut out about half of the material I'd taken, and I just really liked watching the puppy moving around. The very best parts of the video come toward the end where she hits "grass" and starts running across the grass with this great loping gambolng gait. So cute!

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