Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dog Movie

I am so tickled about this video. It started out being just another boring movie about somebody's dogs, but I made it because I don't know if Katey will be adopted today and I wanted a record of how well she and Sheila play together. As a video it's ok, if you like watching dogs chasing themselves around the back yard.

But then I decided it needed a soundtrack and I started looking through the music that Jeri has recorded and I came up with a piece that was the right length. When I added it, it just changed the whole video. What was very weird is that when the music is fast, the dogs are fast; when the music slows, the dogs slow. I couldn't have planned it better. There are places where it's not quite exact, but it's so close that I'm thrilled.

The problem is that I find that Jeri can get the music, but not the picture; Ned can't get it at all. So now I'm wondering how many people can actually SEE these videos that I make and how many aren't able to view them at all.

1 comment:

Stefani said...

I can see and hear - good stuff!