Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Couple of Confessions

I finally decided to go public about one of my addictions, and this video is that confession.

I also have a story that I can't tell in my journal, so for those who read this blog, you're ahead of those who don't! It's the story of Sheila the life-saver. It happened this afternoon, when I decided to take a nap (since I'd only had 3 hours of sleep the night before). I needed to get something and went to get up, whereupon I discovered that I could not move the footrest into the "down" position.

There I was. Stretched fully out in the recliner, the back tilted all the way back, and the foot rest stuck in the up position. Try as I might, I couldn't budge it and when I attempted to push myself up out of the deep recesses of the chair, the back tilted farther to the back and threw me backwards so I couldn't get enough forward momentum to launch myself out of the chair.

Sheila was sleeping upstairs and heard me strugging and came downstairs. What a sight I must have been. Fat lady trying to get out of a chair. Sheila was very concerned and finally, the only way I could get myself up out of the chair was to hang on to her collar and pull myself up that way. Of course, since there is nothing on the Pergo, we all--dog, chair, and me, when I fell out of it--slid around on the floor, but eventually I did get out of the damn chair. It is now in the fully reclined and locked position. Walt has fixed this for me several times, and I hope that it's fixable again.

This is a funny story that it would be fun to put in my journal, but since my preference is for my old chair and not the fancy new one that my mother bought me, I don't dare write about it where she can read it!

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