Monday, April 04, 2005


I come from a long line of alcoholics. There were probably some drug addicts in there too, but alcohol was my family's drug of choice--seveeral aunts and uncles, my father, and I wondered about Paul and David too, but they died before we found out.

My drug of choice is food (obviously) but I basically have an addictive personality and can easily get addicted to anything. I get fixated on something and that's the ball game. I'm addicted. It would be nice if my addictions were to healthy, constructive things, but that's rarely the case.

At the moment, my new addiction is Flickr. It's one thing to upload photos to a web site, but Flickr also has "groups" that people join and then share their photos with that group. At present, I have joined about 100 groups, including things like gargoyles, old photos, San Francisco, dogs, "celebration of the wrinkled," train travel, cupcakes, etc. Each one has sent me searching through my photo archives to find things to add to the mix, so in the past couple of months,

I have uploaded nearly 1000 photos and have now pretty much done it for photos I've already taken, and have already started looking around me with new eyes--where is there a circle I can take? Where can I find interesting numbers? Where are there "yellow" things? Can I find interesting bricks?

You get the idea. I haven't had a good excuse to go "photographing" lately and maybe this will get me out with my camera.

But I fully realize that this has become my latest addiction!

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