Friday, April 22, 2005

Clip job

It's really bad when you let your dog's nails get so long that you're embarrassed to take her in to have them clipped! Kimba's nails have become the canine equivalent of some of those old Chinese men you see who have never cut their fingernails. I look at them every day and think that I need to take them somewhere, but know that seeing how long they are will result in a lecture on how I need to clip them more often, so I just continue to let them grow.

This is the same mindset that kept me away from a dentist for 22 years. The more I needed one, the more embarrassed I was to admit that I did need one!

But watching Kimba slipping about on the new floor, I finally had to DO SOMETHING and found the doggie nail clippers that Peggy bought when she was here and clipped them. I haven't used the clippers because I heard that you can cut too short and hurt the dog by cutting the quick--and you can't see the quick on black nails. But her nails are SO long that I can cut them to be short enough to need clipping and come nowhere near the quick.

So she now has "long" nails, but she doesn't look like an old Chinese man who hasn't cut his nails in years. She looks like a dog who is about ready to need her nails clipped. And she is able to walk across the new floor a lot better now.

And now I can take her in to have her nails clipped and not worry about getting a lecture for waiting so long.

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