Sunday, April 17, 2005

Early A.M., St.Louis

It's our last day in St. Louis. I haven't tried to keep up the blog because the damn computer is so slow it drives me nuts--also it's a dial-up connection. But there is no e-mail, Walt is asleep, and even tomorrow's journal entry is posted, so I thought I'd add something here.

It's been a fun, if whirlwind, weekend. I've eaten much too much, but enjoyed the camaraderie. It's funny being back in the bosom of Gilbert's family. He will be dead 19 years this July. Rachel, his great niece was just 2 when he died and she is about to graduate from college. I keep thinking about what a beautful person (physically and every other way) she has grown into, what an intelligent woman, and what a talented director. I wish he were here to see her.

But I guess is family is the one gift he left behind. It was pure serendipity that Susie happened to come to San Franisco the month before he died and we formed a close friendship which became very, very close as we grieved his death together over the coming year(s). I smiled when Rachel gave Walt a hug last night and called him "Uncle Walt." This trip has cost us a bundle, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

The sad thing is that Rachel's father couldn't be bothered to be here. He has thrown away a beautiful jewel with his lack of interest in his daughter and the loss is his.

I'm not looking forward to the flight home--I always get fatalistic about flying--but it will be nice to be home again and THE FLOOR GETS PUT IN ON TUESDAY!!!!!

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