Thursday, April 28, 2005

National Geographics

The New Chair
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I recently wrote a journal entry about my theory on National Geographics.

Last night I got one bookcase moved back into the family room, spending a great deal of time trying to figure out where I wanted to put it, how it looked (I've never had the luxury to spend time trying to figure out how something LOOKS.

I still despaired of getting all the junk into the family room and still maintain this nice clean look. I told Walt that maybe if we could clear some stuff out of that low closet you see there on the right, I could pack up some of the more unsightly "stuff" and store it there.

That's when he offered that maybe it was time to discard some of the National Geographics which are stacked in 3 large boxes in this closet. He pointed out that we have a 30 year accumulation of National Geographics. At this point, it is unlikely that we will ever look at the first 29 years or so again, so what's the point in keeping them? Now that National Geographic can be purchased on CD, the actual magazines in your hand have lost whatever value they might once have had.

So I'm hungrily eyeing the closet and hoping it will be the real solution to my "stuff" problem!

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Carolynn. said...

I have the CD set of National Geographic and the quality leaves much to be desired. When I wrote to them their reply was that due to copy write laws they were only able to scan them onto the CD's rather than put them on like an original. They did however send us a crack that would allow us to read the text a little better.

Carolynn from Western Australia.