Friday, April 01, 2005

Music to my ears

I am one of those weird people who hate logging onto a web site and find that the designer has chosen my background music for me. I admit that have done that myself on occasion (when I found out how to do it and wanted to share a particular piece of music), but I didn't do it on the page that I expected people to read. I linked to the song Funny, for which my journal was named, but you only heard it when you hit the splash page, not the entry pages themselves (I eventually got sick of it myself!). Your taste in music may not be mine, and vice versa.

I just checked out a new journal, which actually looks quite nice, but I know I won't be back because to read it I have to either listen to the music or turn off my speakers and it's not worth the effort to do so. Just a little quirk of mine.

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