Saturday, April 02, 2005

Now THIS makes sense

In response to my comments about my lack of feeling at the Pope's passing, I received this: But you do feel something about his passing... you feel numb, disenfranchised and betrayed. Not that we WANT to remember this man negativly - but you know, I think if there is a god/dess out there, the pope will finally get to see the part of the light which he missed here on earth. And for that, I feel happiness. I too was raised Catholic and I can say, I still believe in many of the church's teachings but never where it comes to gays, lesbians, sexuality and procreation. As for other things that this pope did, he did try. But until a woman can hold rank in the Catholic Church and be equal, the poor men who run it will never truly understand the things that they preach.

I think she very accurately describes how I'm feeling today.

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diane said...

you know what Bev?

I think we *do* want to remember him negatively - all of this instant cannonisation is dangerous - he was right wing, yes he was not totally a "bad person", I;ll guess miost of the republicans in your government aren't - nor are all of the Tories in the UK., but their world view is one which I cannot support and I think is ultimately morally bankrupt.