Thursday, April 21, 2005

Squared Circles

Squared Circle - waffle
Originally uploaded by basykes.
Must. find. circles.

Flickr has "groups." Lots and lots of groups where people share all photos of a certain topic. You discover that when you start sharing in groups, you begin to look at EVERYTHING around you as a possible photo op.

Interesting stairs. Unusual bricks. Pretty flowers. Cute animals. The list is endless. Think of a topic, and someone has created a group for it.

The most addictive is "Squared Circles."

The idea of "squared circles" is that you find an object that is perfectly round, photograph it, and then crop it into a perfect square.

The possibilities are endless. In St. Louis I photographed my waffle. I've been photographing round things for weeks. It's become an obsession.

One of the other people who posts to the group has posted 932 squared circles. I've only posted 42. I have a long way to go.

Where's something round......?

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