Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Now the fun starts

Originally uploaded by basykes.
Well, now that I know how the "blog this" feataure works, I can post photos with blog entries. I went and made a slide show, which is very boring, but shows the floor from every possible angle.

Now the fun begins. I am wondering how long it's going to take before I screw up, spill water, have horrible stains, "forget" to mop up the dust, watch dust bunnies full of dog hair collect, etc.

But for today, it's new, it's beautiful, it's clean, and I love it.


Tricia said...

They have these upright battery powered sweepers - about $40. They stay on a charger and then you take them off to use and they are wonderful at quick pick ups and even general vacumning around. It is very helpful with a bunch of hard surface and so much easier than hauling teh big vacumn out for a little crumb sweeping.

Moon Rattled said...

Oh how I would love to have a wood floor in my kitchen. I once had one in a flat I lived in years ago and it was a dream. Can you hear Sheila's and Kimba's nails click click clicking? :)