Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pumping Iron

I attempted to donate blood 2 weeks ago. Our local Blood Source calls me in every 8 weeks. Whenever I give blood, they have to run a sample through a centrifuge, since there is never enough hemoglobin to make the drop sink to the bottom of that little liquid container. But I always just make it, and donating goes on as scheduled.

However, this time I didn't pass the centrifuge test, so they gave me a list of high-iron foods and made me another appointment in 2 more weeks, which will be Friday. I've been forcefeeding iron-rich foods and even bought an iron supplement. I'm hoping that sucker will sink instantly the the bottom of the container and they won't even have to run it through the centrifuge.

Otherwise I don't get my donuts afterwards!

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Wilma said...

Please look after yourself. My friend Anna who is now suffering from congestive heart failure and kidney problems due to diabetes which is due to her obesity is very ill. That was one of the first signs that she was getting sick.