Thursday, April 07, 2005

(Some) people are wonderful

With all the excitement about the impending (might even say looming) house remodel, I suddenly realized that we have a very serious problem.

My plan had been to ride herd on Sheila while Scott was here painting and then see if I could find someone to take her for a day or two while the installers are putting in the new floor.

Suddenly it hit me that we are going to St. Louis on Thursday and won't be back until Sunday. Scott will be painting at that time and there is no way that I can leave Sheila here. By the time we're home, the floor people will be due, so I really needed to put her somewhere for nearly a week. Ashley from the SPCA, who knows Sheila, has agreed to take her. "Just let me know when," she says. What a wonderful human being!

While she's sitting Kimba, my friend Jessica will come and feed Kimba, who can be left in my office with her bed and access to outside. She rarely moves during the day anyway, so once she gets used to a closed door, she'll be fine.

If it weren't for these wonderful, wonderful women, I don't know what I'd do. I am very grateful!

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