Tuesday, April 05, 2005

How to complicate your life

I live my life by one special principle: act first, think later.

This morning I hired a painter to paint our family room before the floor guys come to lay the floor on April 18. (This is the same guy who did the bathroom for us last year)

After I hired the painter, I realized that we will be out of town from the 14th to the 17th, which wouldn't normally be a problem because this guy is a sort of friend and I trust him with a key to the house, but there is that little matter of the dogs. Kimba would be OK to leave here with Scott coming and going, but Sheila? No way.

So now I'm trying to line up boarding for Sheila, but on the understanding that Scott might actually be FINISHED before we leave and boarding might not be necessary.

I'm sure no matter what I do/arrange, it's going to be wrong.

I also had plans to spend Saturday with Steve when he comes up for a recording session with Ned, but I've just let him know that I can't possibly fit that in too and that he'll have to schlep himself around the Bay Area without me.

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